Maps of Rajasthan India

Rajasthan is known for its famous architectural heritage and cultural activities worldwide and is India's largest state.

The state maps of Rajasthan provide massive information on the Deserts, population census, and the weather conditions.

The State of Rajasthan is so huge that it has its own world decked into it; the State is made more provident for its Fair festivals, Mysterious Thar deserts and the historical monuments.

Rajasthan came into existence and was formed in 1949 merging erstwhile princely states like Rajputana into the Dominion of India. The Indus valley civilization is India's ancient civilization, and is located in the part of what is now called Rajasthan.

The climatic conditions in the state maps of Rajasthan states that the weather around the deserted areas is always seemed dry that is the temperature lies between (42 degree Celsius 45 degree Celsius). The cold weather does not see much of the sea breeze as the place is well known to be hot and day.

The state maps of Rajasthan show the diversity and richness of various attractions and monuments that are available in the state. For ages, the state has been well known for its opulent dynasties and worldwide cultural activities. So many tourists come to visit this place and plan a stay. Tourists can thus plan his trip according to his needs.

With Jaipur being the capital, Rajasthan is upgrading economy. The effervescence of the cultural festivals is enjoyed by most travelers. The Camel Safari and the sand stone dunes are another important feature of the state. Jaisalmer the desert city of Rajasthan has found a suitable place in the heart of the Thar Desert.

Beginning from the from the Sam Sand Dunes the came ride better known as safari takes one on a fascinating deep inside the desert. A safari ride is the best and most important adventure attraction of Rajasthan. Enthusiasts love visiting Rajasthan for this interesting and exciting safari into the wild jungles. Ranthambore National Park, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Sariska Reserve are famous wildlife sanctuaries that lovers of wildlife rush to Rajasthan.

Therefore all these factors give a staunch outlook on how famous this numerous state is. A visit to this place is surely a worthy one.

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