Maps of Haryana

The state maps of Haryana make it visible that it is a small state founded in 1966. Punjab got divided into Punjab and Haryana.

Haryana is a place famous for culture and ethics.

Travelers and tourists who visit this place enjoy their stay sporting on adventures and visiting pilgrim centers.

The Tourism Development Corporation of Haryana shows much interested in the welfare and progress of the state’s heritage and its infrastructure. Haryana is bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in the North and Rajasthan in the west and the south.

Haryana map tells us about the place in detail and it is known as the Cradle of Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic Civilization, the government has given special importance to the place to develop its culture and inhabitants as many tourists come to the place. Haryana is the wealthiest states in India having the third largest per capita income.

Climate – Haryana has a climate like other states of India very hot in summer during May and June especially and cold in winter, the coldest months are December and January. Rainfall varies from different regions the driest being the Aravali Hills and the wetest being the Shivalik Hills regions Almost eighty percent of the monsoon rainfall occurs between July and September causing flash floods at times.

Tourist’s Spots – Well known tourist spots on the state maps of Haryana are the Surajkund Tourist Resorts a famous resort which comprises of Hermitage Hut Resorts, Sunbird Resort, Hotel Rajhans where visitors can experience peace and calm. The resort’s enchanting enclosures leave its visitors amazed and enthralled. The magnificent architecture and their contents included in the Haryana state map is worth spending time looking at. It is extremely beautiful in comparison to modern aesthetics.

The state maps of Haryana show how important it is to have Haryana as a city. It develops the economy rate of the state as well as the country gradually. Haryana is a busy state with its enormous number of tourists as well as the people and their occupation make it an interesting tourist spot. A visit to this exclusive land mark on the state maps of Haryana would take the tourists back with fond memories.

Map of HaryanaHaryana