Maps of Gujarat

Gujarat is located in western India and covers an area of 196,024 square kilometers and this is shown with the help of state maps.

It is stated to be one of the developed and colorful states in India. The capital of Gujarat is Ghandinagar the largest city in Ahmedabad.

Gujarat is the home for Gujarathi speaking people. The state is India’s pride because of its very fast growing economy.

Historically, the present day states of Gujarat have been a part of the Indus Valley Civilization. Ancient metropolitan cities like Gola Dhoro, Lothal and Dholavira dating back to the Indus Valley period exist here. The ancient history says that Gujarat was taken over by the Aryans.

Destinations and Attractions – The state maps of Gujarat portray it as an extremely important tourist destination in India. The lothal of Gujarat has extremely beautiful sites of ancient Harappa civilization where tourists would love to visit. Gujarat has people from different and various places coming to visit the monuments of ancient culture. Junagadh is where the Buddhist caves and the Rajput architecture are exposed around the state

Gujarat state maps are also accessible for those who look to seek geographical features, cultural and social needs and also about the fertility of the land. Calico textile Museum in Ahmedabad is the finest textile museum in the world.

Gujarat beaches are exclusive and attractive luring a lot of tourists to their presence in the State. Ahmedpur Mandvi is a spectacular beach resort that brings in thousands of tourists making it the best ethnical spot to relax. Gujarat is known as the paradise for lovers of flora and fauna with its innumerous birds and animals.

The state maps of Gujarat are the most relevant factors of information if one is clueless about what Gujarat is all about. Another stunning factor about this state is it is famous for fancy ancient jewelry. If one visits Gujarat they can find all these fine ancient stones and jewels made out of it. Surely jewelry is loved by tourists as they make good gifts to take home.

The climate is humid and gets really hot during the summers as it lies to the edge of the country. All these immense information about a particular place could be accessed with the help of the Gujarat state map. But ultimately Gujarat is an excellent tourist spot for tourists throughout the globe.

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