Maps of Daman & Diu

Daman and Diu is a union territory of India.

Indian history has created the state maps of Daman and Diu richly portraying the various blends of beliefs, cultures, ancient civilizations and good ideas.

Daman is Diu as a state union territory has brought loyal to India in all sectors.

For more than hundred’s of years there were coastal enclaves along with Arabian Sea and Daman and Diu were a part of the republic which was formed in the year 1961. Guajarati, Marathi is the languages spoken in this territory and also English is one common language spoken by all and which is also accepted by official purposes.

The Mauryan Empire’s King Chandragupta Maurya was powerful and in his regime he unified most of India. Chanakya was a well known advisor of the King. During this period of time the invasion of Daman and Diu from the hands of the Portuguese created a great impact. The territory was plottes as Enormous scenario of India.

The climate in the state map of Daman and Diu states that it is moderate during the summer season and the cold breeze take over in the winter season.

State maps of Daman and Diu portray the province as the Aryan race during the Vedic period 1500 - 600 B.C in India. The Vedic age was the age of Hinduism from when arose the classes of Vaishya, Brahmins, Shudra and Kshatriyas.

These four major classes were considered the top level of cultural activities.

The state map of Daman and Diu is well known for its history though it does not have many places to visit the state sure has its up coming’s in the coming years; there are various hill stations that make the state a worthy trip. Though the state lacks certain features still it’s still mesmerizing for its history and astonishing projects coming up.

Map of Daman & DiuDaman & Diu